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Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace - Loving Yourself Is the Key to Creation: Episode #454

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy book inspired on David C. Lewis

  05/13/2015  11:00 am PDT

Alchemy works! Delve into the deepest secrets of advanced spiritual alchemy with David Christopher Lewis’ new book, Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy: HeartStreaming in the Aquarian Age, Volume 1. Saint Germain himself, known as the master alchemist, inspired this timely, profound and practical treatise all about how you can attain true enlightenment, and experience personal transformation into a love beyond belief. Dr Pat asks why and how is alchemy the real key to co-creating a new solar civilization and a golden crystal age of love-wisdom.

Episode giveaways:

  • Two (2) books will be given away: Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy, signed to you personally by Saint Germain through me. Simply go to and call (312) 253-7600 to be added to the random drawing.


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