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The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: The Courage to Choose Gratitude - No Matter What with Co-Host Victoria Coen

  11/06/2013  11:00 am PDT

It is relatively easy to be grateful when times are good, but choosing gratitude while in the midst of adversity is truly a courageous act. By doing so, our hardship can play a vital role in birthing gratitude and lead to deepening our inner self-knowledge or even a profound awakening. Psychotherapist and Co-Author of "Soul Whispers III- Soul Wisdom for Living the Life of Your Dreams," VICTORIA COEN, MSW, believes that by actively engaging our mind, heart and overall awareness we can recognize gratitude-inspiring opportunities, summon the courage to be thankful even during life's storms, and reap the benevolent gifts concealed in every crisis. Quite simply, gratitude is salve for the Soul.


Dr. Pat Baccili

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Victoria Coen

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Victoria Coen

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