The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Wise Woman Tradition with author and herb health expert Susun Weed

  12/17/2009  08:00 am PDT

Winter is when we are most likely to catch a cold or the flu. With Susun Weeds help, you can prepare yourself with herbs and home remedies to avoid infection and stay healthy naturally. Susun Weed shares instructions and dosage for using herbal remedies including echinacea, elderberry, mullein, and elecampane.


Dr. Pat Baccili - The Dr. Pat Show

Dr. Pat Baccili

Dr. Pat Baccili helps individuals and organizations break through their limiting Crust so they can reach their unlimited potential. Her specialty is assisting people face t...

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 Susun Weed

Susun Weed

Susun S. Weed has been a devoted keeper of dairy goats for forty years. She was a mathematics major at UCLA and is an internationally recognized herbalist with four widely a...

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