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The Dr. Roni Show - Miracles of Holistic Health and Wellness: Eat like a Champion! Special guest Aldric Bordeaux shows us how!

  04/22/2016  12:00 pm PDT

How many days a week do you feel sick, tired, overweight,depressed? If you do chances are the root of your overall poor health is nutritional deficiencies. Most Americans are not gettng the vitamins and minerals they need in a daily diet. High quality nutrition has become expensive and confusoing for most people, leading to high rates of serious illness and obesity.  Dr Roni and guest Aldric Bordeaux have the solution for you, as mentioned last week on his Facebook page Steve Harvey is eating revolutionary Yevo foods, as are millions all over the world! Why? Because Yevo is not only delicious and affordable, but is the only food that contains 43 vitamins and minerals in every meal. Compared to thousands of store shelf products, Yevo is proving time and again to be the leader in natural, non GMO foods to feed yourself and your family. Get in on the secret that Dr Roni and Aldric want everyone to know to fend off illness and become healthier overall. Find out what to do to feel better today!


Dr. Roni DeLuz

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Aldric Bordeaux

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