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The Dr. Roni Show - Miracles of Holistic Health and Wellness: Premiere of The Dr. Roni Show: Miracles of Holistic Health and Wellness - New Years Resolutions with guest Dr. Makeba

  01/16/2015  12:00 pm PDT

Todays Premiere show will feature Holistic solutions and remedies to the health concerns that are on your mind and in your body. Dr Roni and her special guest, Dr. Mekaba, will talk about New Year's Resolution disasters' and how it's time to change with a RENEW resolution. She talks about how so many people make Resolutions year after year and can't seem to reach their health goals or their weight. The pursuit of good health and weight lost goals lie in the secret of Detoxification whole body Detoxification. It's not juicing, cleansing or any of the fancy diets that rid your body of nutrition. The goal of this show is to teach you a no nonsense way to detox your body while enhancing your immune system. Revitalize and rejuvenate this year for good, the right way by renewing instead of a resolution.


Dr. Roni DeLuz

The Dr. Roni Show - Miracles of Holistic Health and Wellness with Guest Host Dr. Makeba MoringThe Dr. Roni Show will offer insight into the wide array of natural solutions, ...

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Dr. Makeba Moring

Makeba Moring, PhD. is a holistic doctor and nutritionist. She has lived, studied and worked in West Africa, the Middle-East and the United States for more than 25 years. ...

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