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The Elizabeth Anglin Show - Your Psychic Connection to Your Soul's Path: . Are You in a Trance? with special guest Nathan Main.

  08/27/2012  12:00 pm PDT

Are you in a Trance? Have you ever wondered if the patterns in life that keep repeating for you are not just part of the cosmic dance, but instead, part of your personal trance? Join us and special guest Nathan Main as we discuss "Trances" and how they operate in our life energy field, influencing what we are able to be, do and have as divine beings at play in the fields of life energy. Call into the studio to receive a free on-air trance identification and clearing session with Nathan Main.


Elizabeth Anglin

Elizabeth Anglin helps people expand their awareness of relationship to the whole of life through psychic and akashic record readings, animal communication, medical intuitio...

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Nathan Main

Nathan Main is an ongoing student/teacher of Esoteric, New Age, Mystical and Ascended Master Teachings. For more than 30 years, he has been a Light Worker and Spiritual Heal...

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