The Janis Underwood Show: Unleashing the Creator Within....For Real!: Harnessing Creativity with Dr. Pat Baccili

  01/01/2018  09:00 am PDT

I love teaching from the Life Creator System because I love seeing inspiration take physical form. Today I want to dive into what it reallly takes to work with inspiration and I can't think of anyone better to talk about it with than Dr. Pat Baccili of the Dr. Pat Show. I have been amazed at the magnitude of her gifts, she truly has an unconscious competency with the creative process. She knows how to tap into the creative energy of a project and guide it into something that can easily be shared with others. 

And the project doesn't have to be hers alone. As many of you know, she shares her gifts with others on a daily basis. Her unique way of helping people tap into the vibration of their projects not only helps them harness the energy of what begs to come forth, but aligns them with their own unique expression as an individual. Amazing, right? Let's talk to Dr. Pat about creativity, shall we? 


Janis Underwood

  Mondays at 9am pacific / 12pm eastern The Janis Underwood Show - Unleashing the Creator Within...For Real! Each week Janis will delve into topics geared to empower...

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Dr. Pat Baccili

Dr. Pat Baccili is a leader in the field of human potential and the host of The Dr. Pat Show. As a top host of the internationally acclaimed, The Dr. Pat Show – Talk R...

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