The Janis Underwood Show: Unleashing the Creator Within....For Real!: The Ever Evolving Journey for Awakening with Toni Greene

  02/19/2018  09:00 am PDT

The journey to awakening is ever evolving. What happens to us along the way is a series of unique experiences. For Toni Greene, her path to becoming a world renowned psychic medium, author, and radio/TV show host included traditional jobs and three near death experiences. How did Toni get on the path of healing? What wisdom do the light beings and angels have for us? How can we create a life filled with purpose and passion? In this episode, Toni will share her story along with insights from her book, The Ever Evolving Journey for Awakening. It's going to be a great show! For more information about working with Toni and Toni's book, visit her website


Janis Underwood

  Mondays at 9am pacific / 12pm eastern The Janis Underwood Show - Unleashing the Creator Within...For Real! Each week Janis will delve into topics geared to empower...

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Toni Greene

  Toni Greene has been a psychic medium for as long as she can remember. At an early age Toni would unknowingly “channel” information to famil...

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