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The Jenn Royster Show: - Understanding Intuitive Children

  10/24/2013  08:00 am PST

Are you raising an intuitive child? Today's show is all about helping the parents who are looking for answers. Being an intuitive child herself growing up, Dr. Jenn explores the signs and solutions to help parents with the challenges and blessings of the spiritually awakened child. More and more parents are seeking answers and understanding as more children are coming into this world "eyes wide open." Intuition is a beautiful gift and blessing when it's understood and developed in healthy ways. Call in with your questions


Dr. Jenn Royster

Thursdays at 8 am PT  11  am  ET The Jenn Royster Show is an inspirational hour that explores the spiritual approach to life's challenges as your host Intuiti...

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Dr. Jenn Royster

Dr. Jenn Royster is an internationally known Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, and Energy Healer. Well known for her innovative style in intuitive readings with angels...

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