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The Kelly Ballard Show - Insight & Inspiration from the Great Beyond: Energy Healing – The Real Deal, with Jack Treiber

  12/31/2015  01:00 pm PDT

Jack Treiber, a well recognized healer, will give listeners an opportunity to learn about energy healing, both in person and distance healing. Jack has been doing this work for over 20 years and will explain how it’s done and how people can be helped with their physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and etheric issues, among others. He will explain the various techniques he uses, and provide tips on some simple energy techniques that can be helpful to you.  


Kelly M. Ballard

The Kelly Ballard Show: Insight & Inspiration from the Great Beyond - Enlightening, healing, humorous, and compassionate! Welcome! This show is about connecting you with...

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Jack Treiber

Jack Treiber is a Certified Energy Practitioner who has served as a Personal Energy Manager for over 20 years, helping people feel better using powerful and very advanced en...

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