The Kelly Ballard Show - Insight & Inspiration from the Great Beyond: Manifesting the Life You Want by Working with Spirit!

  09/17/2015  01:00 pm PST

What are you wanting to manifest or attract into your life? Did you realize that by working with Spirit and placing your intentions “out there” it is limitless in what you can create for your highest and best good? You’re in for a life-changing show – we’re going to discuss how to work with Spirit to create and manifest the life you want all by being mindful of your intentions and communicating with Spirit. Kelly will take callers for a portion of our show helping YOU to connect in with you loved-ones on the other side. Please call in at 1-800-930-2819, Kelly will try to reach as many people as possible with insight and guidance from Spirit.


Kelly M. Ballard

Kelly M. Ballard

The Kelly Ballard Show: Insight & Inspiration from the Great Beyond - Enlightening, healing, humorous, and compassionate! Welcome! This show is about connecting you with...

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