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The Kelly Ballard Show - Insight & Inspiration from the Great Beyond: Working with Archangels & Ascended Masters

  11/12/2015  01:00 pm PDT

We have this entire “crew” of amazing spiritual beings that are working with us on the other side every day and most people don’t even realize who they are. Get ready to connect in with and learn all about Archangels & Ascended Masters on this empowering show! Join Kelly as she talks about these two groups of Spirits who know how to get things done, change lives, and enhance your spiritual work. Kelly will also be talking callers at the half-way point of this show and would love to connect you in with an Ascended Master or Archangel that might be working with you!  


Kelly M. Ballard

The Kelly Ballard Show: Insight & Inspiration from the Great Beyond - Enlightening, healing, humorous, and compassionate! Welcome! This show is about connecting you with...

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