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The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Living Heaven on Earth: Spirit Speak Sessions with Dee Thorsen.

  03/30/2018  12:00 pm PDT

Redefining true Sisterhood.  Rebirthing the divine feminine.
Changing the perception of what it means to be 70 something starting a new life, new career being led by spirit' doing its holy work. Loving life kayaking, swimming with dolphins and offering sessions by the holy spirit's opening filling the hearts of all who are called.  This hour of Living Heaven on Earth with Dee Thorsen is sure to inspire you.  Dee is offering every person who wants a sprit speaks session with her for half price that's $45.00 for a one-hour session.  Experience one of Dee's signature prayer's that will bless you infinitely.

Episode giveaways: Half Price Sessions with Dee. Email In the subject line write half price session. Receive a one hour appointment for $45.00. Make your appointment now.


Kornelia Stephanie

NOW WEEKLY!  Fridays 12pm pt / 3pm et The Kornelia Stephanie Show - Living Heaven on Earth Join Kornelia as she teaches listeners to embrace their multidimensional se...

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Dee Thorsen

Dee Thorsen is a divine messenger who shares her wisdom and love. She is a conduit, a channel, that communicates with the Holy Spirit.  Dee has spent many years seeking...

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