The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Living Heaven on Earth: There was so much so much negative programming within me. I began to question everything: Who AM I.

  01/19/2018  12:00 pm PDT

I was a suicidal soul, overcoming many challenges in my life, self-hatred, addictions, being a victim and feeling powerless in so many areas It’s a miracle that I am alive today.
My life story has been very interesting at the root of my core wound
I had this self-hatred, and I was always trying to cover up and hide.

There was so much so much negative programming within me. I began to question everything: my beliefs, my ideas, my assumptions, and my own inner truth. I had unworthiness and self-hate at the core. I have transformed every single misery in my life into complete pure love, and that is a miracle.   I have completely reprogrammed myself from negative to positive, making the unconscious conscious in every area of my life. All of my limiting beliefs – I was programmed in my subconscious, from my upbringing, my family, my conditioning, and by society – were examined and investigated for truth and what was not was rejected one by one.
Gifted by life’s experiences, I courageously began to open up and willingly look at the beliefs that kept me in bondage, to perceive the miracles in my life.


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