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The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Wake up to Love. Your Call to Action. Global Galactic Actions For A New Earth: Unleash your inner Healer. I Am Worthy, Empowered, Safe, Victorious, Prosperous, it wasn't always like this.

  11/10/2017  12:00 pm PST

Kornelia Stephanie Coached Charleen Hess on healing a diseased organ that the Dr. recommended she have removed.  With the transformational coaching, Charleen healed herself and still has all of her organs in her body.  On this week's show, we will talk about being emotionally wealthy after processing the core wounding.  and how that will help you magnetize abundance in your life.  Last week we shared how we healed abandonment and betrayal and this week we will share how we healed the core wounding of being victims and not feeling worthy.  Everyone is worthy it does not need to be proven it is.  Making choices that reflect your true worth is your call to action.  Emotional processing is your key to a healthy and wealthy life.  Tune in on facebook life this week as we inspire you to heal yourself.  -Vibrating wholeness is the truth of who you are.  

Episode giveaways: 21 Day Peace Practice. So you can find your way into inner peace in these changing times. The practice is a toolbox for everyday living. A tool for Anger Management 101 PDF. Kornelia's tool for Emotional Processing. And a tool for Releasing Fear From Your Life


Kornelia Stephanie

NEW SHOW!  Fridays 12pm pt / 3pm et The Kornelia Stephanie Show - Wake up to love. Your call to Action.Global Galactic Actions For A New Earth Join Kornelia as she te...

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Charleen Hess

Charleen Hess, the founder of Living Whole Beauty, Fitness & Life Coaching, has many diverse talents and life experiences to give her the title: “Wholeness Coach&r...

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