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The Laura Longley Show: Where authentic change takes flight: Learn to navigate the exciting and mysterious world of dreams with Dreams 1-2-3 with J.M. DeBord

  12/10/2013  01:00 pm PDT

Dreams are wise in that they present information to the dreamer with depth and insight. They are good advisers especially when it comes to the big questions of life: what career or course of study to pursue, when to have children, where to live, who to marry. They can also help answer questions like what sort of person you want to be and what is the meaning of your life.


Laura Longley

The Laura Longley Show with Host Laura Longley Where authentic change takes flight.Tune in to The Laura Longley Show on Mondays at 11am PT2pm ET and discover how to make pos...

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J.M. DeBord

J.M. DeBord is the internationally acclaimed author of The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings (Visible Ink Press, 2017), an all-in-one dream dicti...

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