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The Laura Longley Show: Where authentic change takes flight Creating Trust in a Fear-Based Environment with Sister Jenna from the Meditation Museum

  03/24/2014  11:00 am PDT

There are many pieces of fear within our souls and when we are threatened in areas like job insecurity, infidelity in relationships, health concerns and struggling to trust our politicians to do the right thing, our trust factor, which is a natural innate thermometer, goes cold. If a society of folks has collectively been doing this for centuries, we will eventually approach a period where, deep within the subconscious area of our souls, we know it's a matter of time until this old system of fooling ourselves and others will end. One of the greatest fears we walk with is to be seen for what we really are when all the masks are off. Join Laura and Sister Jenna on The Laura Longley Show as we explore how we can learn to trust again in a culture that has become fearful and anxiety-ridden.


Laura Longley

The Laura Longley Show with Host Laura Longley Where authentic change takes flight.Tune in to The Laura Longley Show on Mondays at 11am PT2pm ET and discover how to make pos...

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Sister Jenna

For decades, Sister Jenna, as she is affectionately known, has moved and shaped the consciousness of lives around the world. She has traveled to over 80 countries to raise a...

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