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The Laura Longley Show: Where authentic change takes flight Wired for Sound: Tips to De-Stress Using Music and Sound With Sharon Carne, Author of "Listen from the Inside Out"

  04/14/2014  11:00 am PDT

The human body is a natural resonator for sound. We are deeply and intimately wired for sound physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Sound goes THROUGH us There are so many common sense ways to use music and sound to reduce stress, create more focus, enhance creativity and make your days easier. Join Laura and Sharon Carne on The Laura Longley Show and become more aware of how the sound around you affects you. Learn how to look at your music collection as a way to support your health. Experience for yourself the effects of how sound creates stress or relaxation, how to quiet the mind and open space for creativity to flow freely. Feel your body respond to your own voice.


Laura Longley

The Laura Longley Show with Host Laura Longley Where authentic change takes flight.Tune in to The Laura Longley Show on Mondays at 11am PT2pm ET and discover how to make pos...

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Sharon Carne

Sharon Carne is an author, speaker, musician, recording artist, sound healer and Reiki master. She's the founder of Sound Wellness, whose programs are at the forefront of ed...

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