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The Michelle Bond Show - Awaken to a New Reality!: The Michelle Bond Show - Awaken to A New Reality Show me the money Where is the prosperity in these times? With Vedic Astrologer - Dennis Flaherty

  01/29/2013  02:00 pm PDT

On this call-in show, planetary energies will be analyzed to show you where to focus your energies so you can be prosperous now and in the years to come. In manifesting your dreams, you not only need to have focus, go for what you want and set your intentions, the timing also needs to be right. These days, the timing seems to be off for a lot of people. What is really going on and how do the planetary energies effect us and our timing and what can we do about it.


Michelle Bond

Do you ever wonder why you feel off balance and out of focus most of your life Would you like to have an 'aha' moment every day The Michelle Bond Show Awaken to a New Reali...

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Dennis Flaherty

Dennis Flaherty is an internationally acclaimed Vedic astrologer with over 25 years of experience as a fulltime consulting astrologer. He is a longstanding member of the ast...

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