The Mindset Makeover with Lisa & Michelle: How to Live and Be Your Best Self - Dr. Marcia Sirota

  02/24/2017  09:00 am PST

Special Guest Dr. Marcia Sirota who....

Marcia is all about long-term results. She works with organizations that want to take charge and empower their people to improve positivity, personal responsibility, performance and leadership.
She’s not about quick fix overnight solutions. Marcia helps transform individuals, employees, managers and executives into superstars by enabling them to overcome mental blocks and obstacles and helping them to bounce back from adversity.


Ruthless Compasion Institute- you'll also learn about The goal of the institute, which is to enable people to live with greater freedom, empowerment and happiness, to be in constructive, meaningful relationships and to make a positive contribution to their family and community.


Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter

Tune-in Fridays at 9am pacific / 12pm eastern for The Mindset Make-Over with Lisa and Michelle. Born in British Columbia but making her home in Los Angeles Michelle Carter ...

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Lisa  Berry

Lisa Berry

Light On Living Abroad with Lisa, Will & Dean: Living, Investing, Retiring Made Easy - Every Monday at 2pm pacific/ 5pm eastern. A spin off of her "Light on Living" ra...

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