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The Mindset Makeover with Lisa & Michelle: Navigating Through The Storm

  01/13/2017  09:00 am PDT

The Mindset Makeover with Lisa & Michelle: Navigating Through The StormUneasiness, fear, confusion, anger, surrender. We can all find ourselves in many different direction when we are caught in our own storm. Sometimes we are rocked or more turbulently tossed about. How do we use our rudder? Where can we look to find direction? How do we calm the storm? When is it best to use our sails?

Steering our thoughts and emotions will be what sets us in the direction we choose. During this show we'll explore how to maximize the integrity of our ship, our sense of our own weather patterns and our strength to meet and partner with the waves.


Lisa  Berry

Lisa Berry

Light On Living Abroad with Lisa, Will & Dean: Living, Investing, Retiring Made Easy - Every Monday at 2pm pacific/ 5pm eastern. A spin off of her "Light on Living" ra...

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Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter

Tune-in Fridays at 9am pacific / 12pm eastern for The Mindset Make-Over with Lisa and Michelle. Born in British Columbia but making her home in Los Angeles Michelle Carter ...

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