The Mychael Shane Show! Conversations with the Ascended Beings of Shamballah: Encore: Who Are the Ascended Masters of Shamballah and What Do They Wish to Tell Us?

  10/18/2016  11:00 am PST

Rev. Mychael Shane and Jennifer will focus on who the Masters of Shamballah are, why we call them the Masters, and what they want us to know. These beings are our teachers, and they are not here to control us and they will not tell us what to do. The Masters are guiding us with crumbs for us to follow to help  manifest peace on Earth, beginning with ourselves. 



Mychael Shane

Mychael Shane

The Mychael Shane Show - Conversations with the Ascended Beings of ShamballahEvery 3rd Tuesday at 11am Pacific 2pm Eastern on KKNW and Transformation Talk Rad...

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