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The Sandy Brewer Show: -- Getting to the Heart of What Matters in YOUR Life: How Can Things Be So Wrong When I'm Thinking So Right? -- The fine print in the Law of Attraction

  02/07/2013  01:00 pm PDT

The big misunderstanding about the Law of Attraction is that if you are thinking right, speaking right, acting right, nothing bad will ever happen. Try telling that to a two year old with a terminal brain tumor. Challenges are a part of life. The issue is not the challenges we experience, but what we do with them. In order to make our tomorrows different than our yesterdays we have to respond to a given situation in a new way today. Join Sandy and her special guest, Emmy winning lyricist Maribeth Derry, for an uplifting, informative, light-hearted show filled with practical tools for how to get the very best out of every situation. As always, we love your calls. Our mikes and emails are always open for you. Call-in 800-930-2819


Sandy Brewer

Get to the Heart of What Matters in YOUR Life. Whether it be in your relationships family, friends, in-laws, out-laws, work associates or any other areas of your daily lif...

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Sandy Brewer PhD

Sandy Brewer, PhD, is a Human Behavior and Relationship Expert with more than 35 years in the field of personal and professional growth and development. She is an award winn...

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