Thriving Entrepreneur with Steve Kidd

  12/19/2016  09:00 am PDT

How do we stay focused in our business when there are so many shiny glittery things to distract us? And yet in order to succeed in life and business the #1 key is focus.  The top two things we need to be focused on is our purpose=the reason we were put on this planet and our passion=that special something that gets us out of bed in the morning and truly makes us feel alive.  One of the biggests keys to successfully focusing on our purpose and our passion is to learn to live in the moment. The more we can be fully present in the present the more effective we will be in each moment in time

To help us talk about focus and learn more how to be fully present, focused on our purpose and our passion, host Steve Kidd is joined by Steve Rodgers on Thriving Entrepreneur


Steve Kidd

Steve Kidd

Steve Kidd the first ever male host on the largest women's networking organization radio network, eWomenNetwork eWNRadio network, Thriving Entrepreneur, has been coaching bu...

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