Thriving Entrepreneur with Steve Kidd: Determining the Best Marketing Strategies for your Business with Dr. Riordan

  10/18/2017  02:00 pm PDT

When it comes to marketing fundamentals, do you feel overwhelmed or confused? There are SO many voices saying "do this," "do that," and the dangerous trap is to try them all! You hear someone share what worked for them, so you run to your office and implement it and then before it even has a chance to work you hear another great idea so you change everything.

Does this sound familiar? Are you ready for a change?

Today I am joined by my friend Dr. Minette Riordan who is an expert at helping women remove the fear, doubt and lack of clarity from their business and develop real freedom in their life and business. Together today we are going to help you eliminate the confusion and overwhelm you feel about marketing and breakthrough to a place of freedom and growth in your business

Steve and Minette will help us understand what it means to market your business, how to know what marketing will work for your company, whether or not you need money to make your marketing work. Join us and get 1-3 tips you can start using today to help market your business.


Steve Kidd

Steve Kidd

Steve Kidd the first ever male host on the largest women's networking organization radio network, eWomenNetwork eWNRadio network, Thriving Entrepreneur, has been coaching bu...

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