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Truth Talk Radio with Host Deb Acker - guiding you to your true you!: Energy Manifest, Horses as your Guide.

  12/07/2016  03:00 pm PDT

How can horses mirror to you the truth? How influential are you? Horses will tell you. In today's session, we will talk about the influence of horses and how horses can reflect to you your deepest truths and your biggest opportunities for healing and growth.


Deb Acker

Truth Talk Radio, hosted by Deborah Acker, is a bi-monthly radio show that illuminates truth to a wide range of topics including love, life purpose, career and consciou...

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Stacey Warner

Stacey has been a seeker her entire life.  She has been working with clients for the past five years and has learned that transformation doesn't come without a rea...

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Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe M.D.