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Truth Talk Radio with Host Deb Acker - guiding you to your true you!: How to get the self belief in yourself to make you unstoppable

  03/23/2016  03:00 pm PDT

How is it possible to rebuild your confidence if you are Divorced, labelled ‘unemployable’, have been diagnosed with ADD and depression? Deborah and Jai Garcia reveal how to get confident, happy and successful. Jai reveals insights and techniques he had to develop for his clients and his self in order to Get SELF Belief and learn to trust again.


Deb Acker

Truth Talk Radio, hosted by Deborah Acker, is a bi-monthly radio show that illuminates truth to a wide range of topics including love, life purpose, career and consciou...

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Jai Garcia

Jai Garcia has been transforming people’s lives for over 20 years now when he started off as a Personal Trainer in exclusive Gyms in London. He now mentors people via Skype ...

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