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Truth Talk Radio with Host Deb Acker - guiding you to your true you!: Living a Life of Ease, Clarity & Freedom

  12/09/2015  03:00 pm PDT

What if everything you’ve ever wanted, dreamed of, and hoped for, is not only within reach, but easy to have? What if there was a single key to unlocking having the life of your dreams with ease, joy and freedom? Would you want to find it? Join me to discover the simple key for helping you unlock the life of your dreams.


Deb Acker

Truth Talk Radio, hosted by Deborah Acker, is a bi-monthly radio show that illuminates truth to a wide range of topics including love, life purpose, career and consciou...

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Christine Elder

Christine Elder is a transformational leader, contemporary spiritual teacher, and consciousness coach. Her greatest passion is you and helping you discover the true nature o...

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Ruby Bedi