Up or Out with Connie Pheiff: 4 Traits of Authentic Leadership with James Kelley

  04/10/2017  02:00 pm PDT

Dr. James Kelley is a man who wears many hats a man of many talents. He is a father, a marketing professor, a fellow podcaster and host of “Executives After Hours”, all-around good guy, and the CEO of Brave Endurance Consulting. A self-proclaimed laidback kind of guy, Kelley enjoys real conversations with leaders and executives. With a unique background in consumer behavior, teaching, and international experiences, James provides you with an ideal cocktail of talent and leadership expertise cultivated over the years. Kelley has extensive experience working with organizations to conduct research that provides a richer understanding of their corporate initiatives that focus on wellness. In this episode, James Kelley shares his real life adventures and 4 traits he discovered as a repeating theme among top successful executives. Tune in to Up or Out with Connie and hear all about how you can find your endurance and 4 key traits of authentic leaders and Be Unstoppable Together!




Connie Pheiff

Connie Pheiff is a successful businesswoman, author, speaker, coach, and Podcast host helping women in leadership achieve excellence. She has authored over 450 articles and ...

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Dr. James Kelley

Dr. James Kelley is an individual that wears many hats who is on a journey to solve his life’s great questions. "What makes humans authentic?" While on this journey Ja...

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