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Vibrant Purposeful Living Radio with Lou Paradise: Your New Way of Living: Self-Care And Self-Love

  07/19/2018  10:00 am PDT

lou paradise - pursue your true passionsPursue your true passions.

Life is too short to waste your energy pursuing goals that are not truly your own You were not meant to live this life doing just what is required to survive; you were meant to live life chasing your dreams. Be fearless after all this is not a dress rehearsal this is your life. Every failure on the way to your dreams is an affirmation experience you are getting closer and being prepared. So seize the moment, seize the day and realize your dreams.


lou paradise host of vibrant purposeful living radio on transformation talk radio

Lou Paradise

Vibrant Purposeful Living Radio with Lou Paradise - Your New Way of Living Every 3rd Thursday at 10am PT / 1pm ET Welcome to Vibrant Purposeful Living Radio – Your N...

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