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Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes: Bio-Touch: Healing with the Power in Our Fingertips with Debra Schildhouse

  02/19/2016  01:00 pm PDT

It’s unimaginable that in our dayand age, that there is actually an organization which is healing thousands ofpeople without changing the recipients a single dime! What’s even moreincredible, is that for a nominal fee, these healing practitioners will teachthe technique to others, so they too can continue the practice of healing,without ever receiving payment from a chronically ill person for theirtreatment.  Author Debra Schildhouseintroduces readers to a powerfulhealing method called Bio-Touch, a touch-based healing technique proven toalleviate pain, stress, the symptoms of disease and depression.

In BIO-TOUCH: Healing With The Power In Our Fingertips, Schildhousetells the incredible real-life story of Bucky and how he came to discoverBio-Touch after dealing with chronic back pain. In the tiny town of Mancos, CO,Bucky is first introduced to the practice of Bio-Touch by a chain smoking,coffee drinking man named Norman. After only two sessions, Bucky’s paincompletely disappeared. That was when he decided that it was his mission tolearn this form of healing so he could be of service to others. Schildhouserecounts Bucky’s incredible journey in a thoughtful manner that is warm, funnyand touching. Her book offers readers a first-hand account of this excitinghealing practice which is sure to help those who may be needlessly suffering.


Supported by scientific research,Bio-Touch has been shown effective in treating a wide range of medicalconditions from arthritis to cerebral palsy, ulcers, lupus and even strokes.Bio-Touch practitioners know that you can’t put a price on healing and thattheir “payment” is knowing that they have relieved a person’s pain with thispowerful technique.


Kris Steinnes

Voices of Women Fridays at 1pm pt 4pm et.Kris Steinnes began her spiritual journey in 1990 when she discovered her mission to bring people together. In 1993 after reading t...

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Debra Schildhouse

Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, author Debra Schildhouse grew up in a close-knit, loving family. She met her husband, Howard, while attending the University of Cincinnati...

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