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Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes: The Age of Conscious Evolution with Nicolya Christi

  05/01/2015  01:00 pm PDT

Nicolya Christi offers psychological and spiritual tools to accelerate conscious and global evolution and initiate a New Consciousness for the post December 21st, 2012, epoch.  She provides spiritual practices to manifest a meaningful connection between Self and God/Source/Creator as well as psychological exercises to heal and integrate the shadow self and dissolve psychological wounds. Nicolya offers the first fully written account of the First Nations Peoples' oral wisdom teachings on the 7 Dark, 7 Light, and 7 Rainbow Arrows for evolving consciousness. She also writes in depth about the evolution of relationship and aspiring to a higher love and sexuality.


Kris Steinnes

Voices of Women Fridays at 1pm pt 4pm et.Kris Steinnes began her spiritual journey in 1990 when she discovered her mission to bring people together. In 1993 after reading t...

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Nicolya Christi

Nicolya Christi is an author, visionary and contemporary Spiritual Teacher. Her first published book - "2012: A Clarion Call: Your Soul's Purpose in Conscious Evolution" - (...

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