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Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes: Use your voices to open and expand your ability to perceive from your hearts with Sound Healers Mosa Baczewska and Vickie Dodd, along with Claudine Yue.

  12/13/2013  01:00 pm PDT

We will explore topics on the theory and physics of sound, how the voice creates waves, sound as opener and carrier wave, and the power of the heart. We will learn how to consciously activate our heart brain and to perceive the infinite possibilities of listening from the heart field. Personalize Your Own Feminine Empowerment Plan. Dive deep into knowing and learning from these wise inner guides: Fiery Diva activates confidence, body knowing and encourages self-power. Wise Woman shares inner wisdom, mindfulness ways and self-care. Playful Goddess explores self-expression, sense of purpose and soul nourishment. Have you taken the time to meet them? Take a journey to awaken that which already resides within you.


Kris Steinnes

Voices of Women Fridays at 1pm pt 4pm et.Kris Steinnes began her spiritual journey in 1990 when she discovered her mission to bring people together. In 1993 after reading t...

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Vickie Dodd

Vickie Dodd has been a pioneer of the use of Sound for healing and transformation for over 40 years. She is an Aston Patterning teacher of movement awareness and a nutrition...

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Mosa Baczewska

Mosa Baczewska is a performing songwriter, fabric and visual artist and workshop presenter. She has been singing since she was 6 years old. For over 35 years she has been pe...

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Claudine Yue

Claudine Yue has been an Empowerment Educator for women and girls for more than 20 years. After earning a Bachelors Degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz in...

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