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We Carry the Light with Host Dr. Susan Allison: Dr. and Master Sha, Miracle Soul Healer with William Gladstone

  03/19/2015  12:00 pm PDT

What accounts for miraculous healings unexplainable by doctors? Are spiritual healings real? On today's show, William Gladstone will tell the story of his time with Dr. and Master Sha, how he was skeptical at first, but then after observing his healings, talking with his students, and researching the science behind these healings, he became amazed and convinced that these "miracles" were real. Bill Gladstone became a believer in Dr. and Master Sha, and now he wants to share his experience with the world in his new breakthrough book Dr. and Master Sha, Miracle Soul Healer. Be prepared to become a believer, too


Dr. Susan Allison

We Carry The Light with Host Dr. Susan Allison We Carry the Light, "Inspiration for Transformation," is the show that inspires you to find the light within, the highest of y...

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Bill Gladstone

William Gladstone is a bestselling novelist"The Twelve" and with Jack Canfield "The Golden Motorcycle Gang" and literary agent for exceptional authors such as Eckhart Tolle,...

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