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We Carry the Light with Host Dr. Susan Allison: Happily Even After with Author Carole Brody Fleet

  02/05/2015  12:00 pm PDT

Who wants to be widowed? Probably no one would choose this destiny, but it is not something chosen. It just happens with or without our permission. But how we deal with this event can determine the quality of our lives, and we can choose to go through the grief, feel every emotion and transform each step of the way. Author Carole Brody Fleet knows what it is like to be widowed unexpectedly and will share what she's learned along the way for anyone who has faced a loss.


Dr. Susan Allison

We Carry The Light with Host Dr. Susan Allison We Carry the Light, "Inspiration for Transformation," is the show that inspires you to find the light within, the highest of y...

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Carole Brody-Fleet

Carole Brody Fleet is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Widows Wear Stilettos, Inc.Widely recognized as a leader and expert in the areas of grief and loss recovery, Ms....

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