YoAndrew News Talk Show : Legends of OZ: Dorothy's Return

  05/06/2014  05:00 pm PST

How children films are getting better with graphics and change of time; Director and Voice Actor, Will Finn joins the program to discuss the new film "Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return" Plus your calls at 855 - 712 - YNTS


Andrew M.  Giordano

Andrew M. Giordano

Don't Be Left Behind YoAndrew News Talk Show - Every Tuesday 5pm-7pm pt 8pm-10pm et.YoAndrew News Talk Show is a radio talk program being aired independently every Tuesday ...

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 Will Finn

Will Finn

Will Finn is an American animator, voice actor, and director. His work in animation includes characters from Disney and Don Bluth films such as The Secret of NIMH, Oliver & ...

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