YoAndrew News Talk Show : The Aereo supreme court outcome is important to consumers and businesses alike. Guest Philip Salas

  07/01/2014  05:00 pm PST

What is the supreme court case TV Broadcasters vs. Aereo and why is it important?; Professor Philip Salas joins us to discuss the case in depth; Plus your calls at 855 - 712 - YNTS


Andrew M.  Giordano

Andrew M. Giordano

Don't Be Left Behind YoAndrew News Talk Show - Every Tuesday 5pm-7pm pt 8pm-10pm et.YoAndrew News Talk Show is a radio talk program being aired independently every Tuesday ...

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 Philip Salas

Philip Salas

Philip W. Salas has over 30 years' experience in television research, sales, and sales management.Salas began his career as a research analyst at Blair Television in New Yor...

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