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Your Soul Guidance with Saskia: A Blueprint for Conscious Evolution for 2012 and Beyond as Reflected in the Wisdom of the Toltec with Michele Laub

  11/17/2011  12:00 pm PDT

In order to affect the change we want to see in the world, we must first clean up the beliefs that led to separation, competition and greed in the first place. Through integrating the practical wisdom of The Five Agreements Michele will share simple, easy to remember tools, phrases and actions, which will set you on the path to conscious evolution.


Saskia Roell

What happens when you live a Soul-guided life You say goodbye to your old, small self and say hello to your Soul. You breakthrough to a life that's filled with miracles, abu...

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Michele Laub

I am grateful that I have studied, lived and taught Toltec wisdom for the past seven years, as I support others in their experience of accelerated Earth changes and the qui...

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Kathleen L. Johnson