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Your Soul Guidance with Saskia: -BioLumina:Quantum Physics and Super Nutrition, A Key to Evolving and Protecting our Consciousness with Lyndia Leonard

  08/15/2012  06:00 am PDT

Toxic input is assaulting all of us on a daily basis. From chemicals in our air, food and water, to toxic relationships both personal and planetary. At this time, we need to be super pro-active and holistic in our approaches to both protect and evolve our consciousness and the temple it resides in by utilizing the best of mother nature and advanced quantum physics.


Saskia Roell

What happens when you live a Soul-guided life You say goodbye to your old, small self and say hello to your Soul. You breakthrough to a life that's filled with miracles, abu...

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Lyndia Leonard

Lyndia Leonard is a mother to four, grandmother to nine and Keeper of the Earth. She has devoted her life to making the Earth more user friendly through an array of spiritua...

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Joe Nunziata