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Your Soul Guidance with Saskia: The Geometry Code with Bruce Rawles

  09/12/2012  06:00 am PDT

Author, artist and student of non-dual metaphysics, Bruce Rawles, shares how quantum physics, mystery traditions and contemporary spiritual insights all lead toward a liberating, inclusive thought system. Ancient Hermetic laws become simple guideposts to recall the comforting realization that our judgments and interpretations can be gently released and replaced by guidance independent of special interests. Universal symbols, including those based on 'sacred geometry' can serve as reminders of our shared identity restored to timeless mindfulness instead of the divisive, grievance-based personas that do not serve us.


Saskia Roell

What happens when you live a Soul-guided life You say goodbye to your old, small self and say hello to your Soul. You breakthrough to a life that's filled with miracles, abu...

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Bruce Rawles

Bruce Rawles has sought the rhyme and reason of life's mysteries, both seen and unseen, from an early age. His "networker" mother continues to delve into metaphysical and es...

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Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe M.D.