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  • Eve Elite Tarot

    "To tell you the truth, every person I’ve worked with, I have talked with through the network has just been incredibly professional and I just want to thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and your leadership. I love this network. And it is just such a privilege to be a part of it...

  • Dave Dodge

    "I want to take a moment for a bit of gratitude, not only for... you know, the big thing for me is, thank you thank you thank you for calling me up Shelly, and inviting me to come on to Transformation Talk Radio. I’m sure Dr. Pat and everybody else knew about it, and thank you Dr. Pat as we...

  • Dr. Friedemann Schaub

    "Being on this show helped me so much to just feel that what I needed to and what I share with the world is important. And to you, Dr. Pat, as a supporter, your excitement and energy, your work really helped to put the word out and basically made my work global. She helped me to really be known a...

  • Ataana Baddili

    "I have had amazing experiences coming into this family of the Transformation Radio network. The main thing was for me is to really bring my message across in what I’m doing and how I am applying this. What are my gifts? What is it that I am sharing? And in the beginning, Pat helped to put ...

  • Joy Elaine

    "I just want to thank [Dr. Pat] for bringing that into my life because I always thought that I had a purpose, that I didn’t know what it was and now I know. My purpose is to help the world and to help all the worlds. So I want to thank you so much, you changed my life."

  • Rev. Thabiti

    "Wow! My eyes are full of choking water. Thank you so much and I want to thank everybody for listening. Wow, Dr. Pat may I share a sentiment with you? Before we began I'd like to share a sentiment. You remember there's a show with Bob Barker "The Price is Right"? And where someone's name would ge...

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