Guest Profile

Aaron Young

Aaron Scott Young, a lifelong entrepreneur, trusted advisor to CEOs and business owners and creator of The Unshackled Owner a program for entrepreneurs looking to build a business and not just a glorified job gives you a 1:1 on how to build your own successful business through his decades of experience. Find out, what does football and its players have to do with building your people and your business? Aaron Young shares what might seem obvious but revolutionary when applied into your business and day-to-day activities. On this episode of Up or Out with Connie hear how to go from being a busy bee to the queen bee of your own business through the Freedom Formula shared and followed by Aaron Scott Young himself.


You can be unstoppable together with Aaron’s revolutionary idea of surrounding yourself with people who play… to your work. Hear how you too can spend 3 productive days physically at the office just like Aaron Scott Young, Chairman/CEO of Laughlin Associates, a well-oiled machine and 44-year-old company that has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs start, grow and profit from their business.