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Adele Coon

Adele has been drawn to animals and the study of biology since she was a small child. She has lived with and loved a wide variety of exotics (snakes, lizards, frogs, parrots, wallabies, emus), learning about them through reading and closely observing their behavior. After retiring to a 5-acre place outside her hometown in Western Montana in 1993, Adele became a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator, which has given her the unique opportunity of interacting with hundreds of native animals and birds. She is also a clinical hypnotherapist, and a Reconnective Healing facilitator and has studied sacred geometry, telepathic animal communication, and spirituality outside of organized religion. Her new book LISTENING TO ANIMALS: Wildlife Rehabilitation, Exotic Pets. Telepathic Animal Communication, and a Remarkable Journey from Atheism to Spiritualism resulted from her wide range of experience, study, and growth. It is available on Amazon in print (with photos) and Kindle versions at:


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