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Guest Profile

Alan Eschenburg

A Colorist for over 25 years with a clientele that demands perfection and safety. Alan worked as the youngest guest artist in the industry for the Big Boy Manufacturers starting in the mid-eighties, where the only place he didnt tell the truth was about his age And dont ask now, either Always being ahead of the game, Alan saw a shift in the making of products from behind the scenes and saw the executives cutting costs of excellent products by removing the natural ingredients, and replacing them with cheap synthetics After suffering devastating health issues from these ingredients on his hands and respiratory difficulties, he vowed to create products for the industry that were safe for himself and his peers and clients. After years of research and development, he accomplished the impossible by extracting the performing molecules of the tried and true food-grade ingredients and blending them in new ways. The dilemma is either natural products that leave the hair not performing or synthetic products that perform, but poison the stylist, client and the environment, until now Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care has bridged the gap Professional results, naturally Alan.