Guest Profile

Alan Smith

Alan Smith ( The Freedom Coach) runs his online coaching business from Manchester, UK. 

After spending many years in the corporate world working through the ranks up to Director level,  Alan set up the Freedom Coach to pursue his passion of helping people to find their freedom. Alan specialises in working with people in their 20s and 30s who are feeling trapped in social expectations, ie. the pressures to go to university, follow career dreams based on salary, be tied by a mortgage and get married. Instead Alan helps people find their true happiness by exploring what excites them, fulfils them and how they can achieve their goals and ambitions.  Alan describes the coaching experience as an adventure of self discovery which challenges low confidence, fear and limitation transforming to daring to believe you can be whoever you want to be.
Alan describes his own experience as finding his freedom after conforming to these social expectations, and after making the realisation that it wasn’t for him, he embarked on a completely different path exploring the freedom to work for himself, travel, live the life he really wanted. Alan says coaching has allowed him to inject his sense of fun, adventure and curiosity into helping people transform their lives and live happier ones. To him, there’s no greater reward!