Guest Profile

Aleta McClelland

Aleta McClelland is an Astrologer, Channel, Claircognizant, Coach, Dream Interpreter, Location Astrologer, Psychic & Relationship Coach.

As a life-long intuitive empath with 25 years experience in astrology, Aleta loves combining the psychological study of your astrological chart with the psychic, claircognizance she brings to every reading. Aleta likes to describe Astrology as, "The love letter your soul wrote you before you were born... offering you insight, direction and in times of need, strength, validation and empowerment." Every astrological chart maps a life being lived on target with purpose. Aleta specializes in offering practical and immediate tools and insights into any life situation. Aletas work releases the barriers that stand between thinking about and living YOUR hearts individual and global vision.

Another area of interest is working with parents and educators of "special needs" kids. Aleta is committed to re-framing how these gifted and challenged children are seen, educated and labeled. With labels like ADD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Dyslexia and Dysgraphia, the innovative brilliance and deep sensitivity of these children is often overlooked. Often referred to as Indigo and/or Crystal children, they carry a powerful hope/vision for humanity. Parents of these children are living with the Great Shift in small bodies.

Described as a True heart keeper of the Great Shift, Aleta is a pioneer of depth awareness and evolving human consciousness. She has experienced, investigated and shared the powerful, little-known regions of human emotion, thought and spiritual knowledge for over 30 years. Aleta is currently writing a book about these experiences and the valuable role education of the spirit serves in our collective human evolution.