Guest Profile

Alexandra Shaw

Alexandra combines her intuitive wisdom with time tested principles of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui to help guide you along your path to increased wealth, prosperity and success in both your business and personal life.

Alexandra Shaw has studied the various schools of Feng Shui since 1995 and has been certified as a Pyramid Feng Shui Professional Consultant by Nancilee Wydra, founder of Feng Shui Institute of America, since 2001. Wydra is the foremost authority in America, soon to publish her 9th book on Pyramid Feng Shui. Pyramid school considers the relationship of the person to the place where they work or live. It brings practical discipline of the ancient wisdom, yet relates to the 21 st century terms of modern life. Pyramid Feng Shui allows us to comfortably make changes quickly and economically, using things we already have to create the most dynamic environment possible. Alexandra brings a myriad of professional business expertise to her Power Feng Shui consulting business. Her background of accounting, banking, five years in the real estate field, law, retail marketing, and management allow her to interact on all levels, with a clear understanding of the methodology of the marketplace, human resources, and projections towards the most positive future for your business or home. A twenty-nine year art history background of concept, design and fabrication of commissioned stained glass artwork, founding and maintaining her own teaching/working studio and gallery for a decade, brings originality and perspective to enhance the disciplines of Feng Shui. Years of teaching allow her to interact with positive motivational benefits for corporate or individual clients.