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Guest Profile

Alfred "Big Nasty" Konuwa

Alfred "Big Nasty" Konuwa, is an enthusiast, quasi-expert, and blogger in the field of sports and entertainment. As a graduate of The University of California at Santa Barbara in 2008, Konuwa has gone on to embark on sports-related endeavors, and along with frequent B/R columns and video blogs, he was prominently featuredon The Ultimate Show before landing popular online shows Raw Review and WWE WTF.

As a one-time contestant on The Superbowl edition of The Price is Right, Konuwa has had a lifelong passion for the field of sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA, and pro wrestling. Konuwa's exuberance for his subject always translates through the pages of his posts and his intention is to create fruitful discussion while forcing you, the reader, to ask questions.

Konuwa is now proud to call himself an active member of The Bleacher Report community and hopes this community is equally as happy to read his material.
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