Guest Profile

Ali Abomnes

Ali Abomnes is an Authentic Empowerment Life Coach living in Paris, France. She is the host of Complete Retreats experiences in Europe, as well as the founder/head coach and host of the Realising YOU! Membership.


Her education includes:

  • Certified Life Coach/Integrative Transformational Coach (due March 2021) working with Dr. Kate Siner (Life coaching mentor and coaching certification teacher).
  • Completed Training with Shanda Sumpter – Heartcore Business & Leadership; covering all aspects of business development, creation and consistent mastery training, along with intensive, Transformational Leadership Life Coaching.
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza – mentor, development of meditation practices: educator of the brain, quantum physics, neuroscience and the human energy centers/chakras.
  • Caroline Myss – Spiritual direction & power of prayer mentoring: educator on the human energy centers (chakra system), sacred contracts, archetypes and medical intuition.

Ali served in the hospitality industry for 11 years (as an entrepreneur/the CEO and Founder of Complete London Limited and Complete Paris Concierge), working closely as a personal assistant to high-profile clients, celebrities and actors.


Previously, as a hair and makeup artist for actors and film productions for 10 years, after training for these professions within the UK, with Loreal, Toni & Guy, ‘greasepaint’ London, Yorkshire Television in Leeds and Granada Studios, Manchester.


Ali’s main commitments and missions today consist of;


Standing alongside and Empowering Women, who are looking to move-forward in their life, in an authentic manner enabling permanent change and transformation.


The education of young adults with realizing their path to equality, freedom and authentic empowerment in today’s world.


Overall - the development of personal leadership and integrity within, enabling vision for a world in which we ALL compassionately thrive and stand united.


Ali is passionate about reading and enhancing her personal growth education on a daily, monthly basis. Reading, practicing yoga and meditation, hiking in nature, cultural travel, holistic health practices, Ayurvedic & holistic health retreats and dance.


Ali works with clients coaching one-one, with private groups large and small, within business and/or retreat event settings.