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  10/12/2015      11:00 am

Live More Radio with Ali Katz - "Stress Less, Live More!": Becoming Our Best Selves

Guest Profile

Ali Katz

Ali Katz

Ali Katz is living her purpose by helping her clients truly find balance in their lives, and sharing her love of meditation in a very authentic and relatable way. After Ali embarked on her spiritual journey and began meditating, she noticed that she had lower levels of stress, less anxiety, more patience, better sleep, and was more present in all areas of her life. Her goals are to help create a life filed with balance, joy and happiness for her students, and to help them understand the benefits of meditation, the techniques to create their own practice, and inspire them to truly make meditation a part of their lives.

Ali has a degree in Marketing from the George Washington University, and has worked in corporate America and as a teacher. She decided to combine her passions for teaching and meditation by becoming a certified meditation teacher at the McLean Meditation Institute. Ali teaches group classes, private sessions and corporate programs in Houston, TX and worldwide via Skype and teleconference.

Ali also is a public speaker and author, and loves nothing more than to help new meditators get started, and more seasoned meditators to deepen their practice. Sign up for Ali’s weekly inspirational newsletter at